New programs are an alternative, Vigen Sargsyan says

Vigen Sargsyan
Vigen Sargsyan

Photo: PAN Photo

Yerevan /Mediamax/. Defense Minister of Armenia Vigen Sargsyan said today that current model of army service will remain unchanged if the “It is me” and “I have the honor” draft programs are approved.

“We give people a choice with “It is me” and “I have the honor” programs without making them mandatory, and we bring the project to public discussion. If discussions and social surveys reveal that the programs aren’t needed, we will look for other options,” the Minister told the press.

Touching on “It is me” program, Vigen Sargsyan noted that its objective is to highlight a difference for the soldiers serving on the front line.

“We emphasize the concept of voluntarily choosing army service in that difficult position. We provide a rather competitive compensation package to young people,” the Minister said.

Head of the Defense Ministry also commented on “I have the honor” program:

“If a citizen has higher education and received military training, through one of our programs they can become a commander of the tactical staff - platoons or companies, choosing paid service in officer rank within their profession instead of compulsory service.”

Touching on the cost of the program, the Minister noted there is staff for officer ranks, therefore, there is compensation funding:

“We don’t have new expenses; we simply offer a choice for the graduated draftees – serve as an officer and not a private.”

Vigen Sargsyan assured that the Ministry doesn’t intend to take the path of militarization or increase the number of servicemen with the mentioned programs.


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