Vigen Sargsyan: The threat of terrorism demands adequate reaction

Photo: Press service of Armenian Defense Ministry

Yerevan /Mediamax/. Defense Minister of Armenia Vigen Sargsyan believes that CSTO member states should continue strengthening the counter-terrorism component in the next few years.

“Horrible crimes, based on hatred and attempts to inspire terror through killing or wounding innocent civilians, happen regularly not only in the CSTO area, but almost every region worldwide. We need to prepare for challenging such threats together. We already have programs in a number of directions. I think we must continue strengthening the counter-terrorism component and update it with constantly modernizing tools in the next few years, as terrorism changes form very quickly and takes new weapons, so we have to react adequately. We have a lot of work to do in this direction,” the Minister said in the interview to Mir24 TV Company.

Touching on the influence that the Joint Group of the Armed Forces of Armenia and Russia have on strengthening of stability and security in the region, Vigen Sargsyan commented:

“Since the very first years of independence, Armenia and Russia qualified their partnership as a strategic alliance. That means that the agreements on military and political cooperation between our countries provide for the highest principle of collective defense – a threat or attack against one of the countries is considered an attack on both. That wording and the understanding of the relations of alliance on strategic level demanded mechanisms and tools for joint actions in case such become necessary. That implies joint operative planning and joint use of force if necessary. We take this work very seriously. We already scheduled events and joint trainings for this year. Now we should be very consistent in planning and implementing the work.”


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