Defense Army: Azerbaijan’s provocation won’t go unanswered

Photo: netdna-cdn.com

Yerevan /Mediamax/. Throughout the day and on the night of May 15, Azerbaijan violated the ceasefire regime on the Line of Contact with Artsakh for around 55 times.

Over 1200 shots were released from firearms of various calibers in the direction of Armenian positions.

Azerbaijan also applied 60mm mortar launchers (3 shells) and mounted anti-tank grenade launchers (9 shells) in different areas of the Line of Contact.

On the Easter direction, Azerbaijani Armed Forces used a Spike guided missile, which partially damaged a military vehicle.

Artsakh Defense Army didn’t suffer any casualties.

Vanguard units of the Defense Army counteracted to suppress the rival’s activities.

Artsakh Defense Ministry stated that “Azerbaijani Armed Forces’ provocation won’t go unanswered”.


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