Armenian ruling party unhappy with EU Ambassador’s remarks

Piotr Switalski
Piotr Switalski

Photo: Mediamax

Yerevan/Mediamax/. Today Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia Piotr Switalski recommended Armenia to amend Electoral Code and other pieces of legislation in consensus with all stakeholders.

The Ambassador shared that recommendation in the framework of the conference “Electoral developments in Armenia: Lessons Learned and Steps Ahead”.

According to Piotr Switalski, Armenia also needs to “improve implementation by institutions to increase credibility notably of the CEC and public trust in elections”.

“Armenia is recommended to work on addressing shortcomings that happen before and after the Election Day, in particular vote buying, abuse of administrative resources and intimidation of employees,” the Ambassador said.

He suggested taking “measures that law enforcement bodies act in a neutral manner and that alleged violations are investigated, prosecuted and convicted in a credible way”.

The Ambassador also commended the Central Electoral Commission on its efficient work on technology.

Mediamax finds it worth reminding that this year European Union supported Armenia with around EUR 7m to increase transparency of the elections.

Spokesperson for the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) Eduard Sharmazanov reacted to the EU Ambassador’s statement by advising him to “maintain political correctness and avoid interfering with domestic affairs of a country”.

“Yes, we accept that our colleagues from the European Union can make suggestions and assessments, but it would much more correct if those suggestions were provided in precise and diplomatic speech. Perhaps, sometimes people forget that Armenia is a sovereign country,” Azatutyun quotes Mr. Sharmazanov.


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