Armenian Government submits 5-year program to Parliament

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Yerevan/Mediamax/. Armenian Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of International Economic Integration and Reforms Vache Gabrielyan presented the 2017-2022 program for Armenia’s sustainable development to the Government at the extraordinary session today.

“The government program set rather ambitious tasks. We established what results we want to achieve in economy, unemployment rate, minimum wages, export, and taxes-GDP ratio. We clearly defined by sector the measures, reforms, and necessary steps, which will enable us to achieve the desired goals,” said Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan.

Vache Gabrielyan noted that the Armenian Government’s vision is based on the principle of building a secure, fair, free, and smart Armenia.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, each chapter of the program indicates the problems, discovered by the government’s troubleshooting of the previous 9 months, and practical solutions to those. They are aimed both at carrying on the government’s initiatives, implemented in the previous 9 months, and at setting a base for long-term development, while providing for practical events that the government intends to implement in strictly defined terms in the next 5 years.

The program contains 4 main chapters: state administration and legal system, foreign policy and defense, economic progress, and social affairs.

Each chapter contains the list of reforms, due for implementation by corresponding agencies in clearly set terms.

The government approved the program. It will be sent to the National Assembly.


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