Shahin Mirzoyev: Coming to Armenia was the right choice

Shahin Mirzoyev
Shahin Mirzoyev

Yerevan/Mediamax/. Reporter from Talish at Tolishi Sado newspaper Shahin Mirzoyev is participating in the international conference, named “The Breakthrough of the Blockade of Stepanakert: 25 Years Later”, which is held in Yerevan.

He fled Azerbaijan a few days ago and received a shelter in Armenia.

Shahin Mirzoyev said in his speech at the conference:

“There are almost 2 mln people from Talish in Azerbaijan, and they are declared enemies of the state. About 300 000 people fled to Russia to be able to move to other countries. Many people from Talish are jailed and subjected to violence in Azerbaijan. I fled with my family to escape death. I think that fleeing to Armenia was the right choice”.--0--


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