Council of Europe urges Armenia to protect minority languages

Yerevan /Mediamax/. Independent experts of the Council of Europe observe that more needs to be done to raise awareness of the Armenia’s minority languages and cultures.

These are the key findings of the new report published today that looks at how Armenia implements its undertakings under the European Charter for Regional and Minority languages.

The Council of Europe experts note a tendency on the part of the Armenian authorities to assign responsibility for implementation of the Charter to the local authorities and the national minority communities.

“The passive attitude of the authorities gives the impression that the protection of the minority languages is the responsibility of the minorities themselves. However, the Charter places obligations on the authorities, and not the minorities, to promote and protect minority languages,” European experts remarked.

Representatives of Council of Europe urged the Armenian government to promote teaching of minority languages at schools, paying special attention to trainings for teachers.

Armenia recognized as minority ones and protects under the Charter: Assyrian, Greek, Kurdish, Russian and Yezidi.

Armenia has joined the Charter for Regional and Minority Languages in May 2002.


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