Marguerite Barankitse: “Love always wins”

Yerevan/Mediamax/. First Aurora Prize Laureate Marguerite Barankitse visited the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute today to see the special exhibition, devoted to Aurora Mardiganian, the inspiration of Aurora Prize.

Marguerite Barankitse said after her tour in the museum:

“This crime against humanity and all my impressions make me really angry. Nevertheless, my feelings give me great strength to fight for the humanity. I think that people have not yet understood that those crimes were really committed. ”

“At the same time, I would like to express my admiration towards Armenian people for being able to remain proud and accept the history as it was. The Armenians were able to turn that horrible page in their history with hope for the brighter future. I wish we did not have to witness another genocide in the future. We all should stand up for each other, every one of us should fight against the crimes, committed towards our brothers and sisters. ”

Marguerite Barankitse also said that she was very impressed by the Armenian women, who encountered so many sufferings. 

“I would also like express my congratulations to the Armenian women. The pictures that I saw at the exhibition expressed the dignity, which accompanied them while going through all those ordeals, they had bright souls. This gives me hope for my home country Burundi, which constantly fights for its past, present and future, while the international community does not respond anyhow to the developments,” Barankitse said.


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