Artsakh states its position on ECHR’s decisions in CoE

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Gevorg Kostanyan
Gevorg Kostanyan

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Yerevan /Mediamax/. Last week Advisor to Artsakh Republic President Emil Babayan participated in discussions of execution of European Court’s decisions on "Chiragov vs Armenia” and "Sargsyan vs Azerbaijan” cases at Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe.

Government Representative of Armenia before the European Court and Advisor to Armenian President Gevorg Kostanyan told the press today that “it was the first time in history that a representative of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic took part in an official international event”.

According to Gevorg Kostanyan, the Armenian side expressed concerns during the discussions that Azerbaijan would be able to prevent NKR representative’s participation.

“We stated clearly that Artsakh representative performs as a member of Armenian delegation, and no one can make him leave the committee hall,” said Armenia’s representative to ECHR, adding that Emil Babayan delivered a full speech at the meeting and introduced the position of the President and other power branches of Artsakh Republic.

Touching upon ECHR’s decisions connected with NK issue, Gevorg Kostanyan reminded that the Armenian side disagrees with the part of the decision that concerns Armenia.

“I’d like to stress that Armenia didn’t take the responsibility to execute the decision on “Chiragov vs Armenia” case, but stated readiness to discuss the issues in the decision, which are up for discussion, with three conditions: guarantee of physical safety, formation of the atmosphere of trust, and creation of investigation mechanisms for incidents at borders,” he said.

Gevorg Kostanyan informed that Azerbaijan took the responsibility to introduce its action plan regarding “Chiragov vs Armenia” case until June, which will explain how Azerbaijan is going to compensate or restore in any other way the losses and violated rights of displaced Armenians.


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